Please fill out the form below if you will be bringing a telescope and/or cameras and camera bags.

We will accept a limited number of additional telescope hosts – info about hosting is below. Those who check the box that says they would like to be a Telescope Hosts will receive a response from us.

Those who are not interested in being telescope hosts will not receive a response from us. Your registration is for informational purposes only.  

Please enter at the MAIN GATE. Come to the line with the name “Large Equipment Inspection.” This is where your equipment and camera bags will be inspected by security. Camera bags are exempt from the clear bag policy but must go through this inspection line.

Please note that ONLY TELESCOPE HOSTS can share their view of the eclipse with others. Telescope hosts have been approved to share their view.


  • Telescope Set-Up Early Access Times: 6 am – 9:30 am
  • Telescope Takedown: Completed by 6:00 pm
  • Telescope Location: Each telescope location will be assigned to the host directly.

Provided to Telescope Host by event organizers:

  • Designated area to set up your telescope(s) and equipment 
  • 1 General Admission ticket 
  • 1 Parking spot
  • 1 Event Volunteer T-shirt

Provided by Telescope Host: 

  • Telescope and equipment; access to your scope to event attendees. 

Special Notes: 

  • Due to this being a public event, all cases (including telescope cases) and bags will be subject to inspection by law enforcement.
  • Telescope Host assumes all risk for their equipment; security will not be provided.
  • Please be aware there will be no access to electricity. 
  • At the entrance gate, look for the designated Telescope/Camera Equipment Check-in Line. 
  • Telescope Hosts will be allowed early entrance to the festival to set up. In return, we expect you to share a view of the sky with event attendees with a look through your lens.
  • Additional questions can be sent to Sonja Gonzalez,

Register Your Telescope or Camera Equipment

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